District Assembly

Join us for the 2021 Georgia District Conventions & Assembly | May 19-20 | Dublin First Church of the Nazarene

We are happy to announce that the Georgia District Advisory Committee (DAC) has approved the following plan and schedule for a face-to-face gathering of delegates for worship, sessions, and an Ordination service. Let’s worship together and celebrate the great ways God is empowering Georgia Nazarenes to be faithful, flexible, and fruitful!


We will follow the direction of the Board of General Superintendents (BGS) regarding delegates to the General Assembly and Conventions. Also, the District Advisory Committee (DAC) will conduct the business of the District Assembly and full reports and District Handbooks will be available to all churches as soon as possible.

Thanks to the Georgia District Advisory Board and the BGS for your prayers, advice, and encouragement. And, thanks to all Georgia Nazarene ministers and congregations for your persistent, love, prayers, and service during this strange season.

You are loved!
Pastor Kyle

All 2021 District Convention & Assembly worship and sessions will be held at Dublin First Church of the Nazarene (312 Telfair Street, Dublin, GA 31040).

Due to social distancing guidelines and seating capacity, on-site attendance is limited to delegates only. Delegates will be seated in the Sanctuary and Gym, and must be registered and present to vote. Guests will not be turned away, but will be directed to overflow seating (if available). All attendees are expected to follow local health guidelines, which includes (at this time) wearing a mask.

All services and sessions will be live-streamed from the Sanctuary to the Gym for delegates, and also live-streamed online for guests. Livestream details and links will be announced later.

Delegate Policy
The DAC has established a delegate policy for 2021 to assist with health and safety, and as a cost-savings measure for local churches. For 2021, each local church should elect one group of delegates to attend and vote at all three meetings (NMI, SDMI, District Assembly). By having the same group of local church delegates throughout the entire event, we reduce the threat of virus exposure and help reduce local church expense. Watch for more information from Pastor Don Hicks (District Secretary) regarding delegate registration details.

All voting this year will be conducted electronically, on-site. Each delegate must be registered, and each delegate must provide a personal email address. (To ensure safe and anonymous voting, couples may not share the same email address). Electronic voting will utilize personal smartphones, tablets, or computers which reduces the risk is virus transmission. Orientation, training, and assistance will be available on-site as needed.
Manual Paragraph 204. “All district entities shall be authorized to meet electronically. Voting methods shall be approved by the DAB. All communications and voting required may be carried out electronically.”

Ordination Service Attendance
Due to limited seating capacity with social distancing, seating in the Sanctuary will be limited to ordinands, ordinands’ family members, ordinands’ pastors, and district and general church leaders. The Ordination Service will be live-streamed to the Gym for other pastors and guests, and will also be available online.


2021 Georgia District Conventions & Assembly | Dr. David Busic

Tuesday, May 18th:
5pm-8:30pm Delegate Registration (electronic voting orientation available)

Wednesday, May 19th:
7:30am-8:30am Delegate Registration (electronic voting orientation available)
8:30am-9:30am NMI Convention: Welcome & Worship (Speaker: TBD)
9:30am-12:30pm NMI Convention Session
Lunch Break
2:00pm-2:45pm SDMI Convention: Welcome & Worship (Speaker: Dr. Scott Rainey)
2:45pm-4:30pm SDMI Convention Session
Dinner Break
7:00pm-8:30pm District Assembly Welcome & Worship (DS Report)

Thursday, May 20th:
7:30am-8:30am Delegate Registration
8:45am-9:45am District Assembly Morning Worship (Speaker: Dr. David Busic)
9:45am-12:30pm District Assembly Session
Lunch Break
2:00pm-3:30pm District Assembly Session (if needed)
4:30pm-6:00pm *Ordination Service (Speaker: Dr. David Busic)
*Ordination Reception (Due to limited space, ordination and reception are limited to ordinands, ordinand’s families, ordinand’s local church pastors, and district and general church leadership)

Making Plans for Assembly

Make plans now to join us 107th Georgia District Conventions & Assembly at Dublin First Church of the Nazarene

• How to determine church delegates to Conventions | Find Out More

• Please send an updated good quality photo of you and your spouse for the 2021 District Handbook to Dinah Huff, dinah.huff@ganaz.org with a current email address, phone numbers, and postal address ASAP.

• Annual Pastors Reports will be due to District Secretary, Rev Don Hicks by April 15, 2021. Please begin gathering annual report info and watch for emails regarding this.

• Assembly Hotel List: Coming Soon