Gold Weekend

Georgia Ordination and Leadership Development (GOLD) Weekend

Our 2nd Annual GOLD Weekend

will be held at

Adrian Camp and Conference Center

on Friday afternoon through Saturday afternoon,

February 21-22, 2020

This weekend is required for all ministers seeking a district license, renewing their district license, and seeking ordination.

The Georgia District Ministerial Credentials and Studies Boards have created a new and significantly improved process for ministerial training and leadership development. The former 15-minute interview process where each candidate sat before the Credentials Board is being replaced by Georgia Ordination and Leadership Development (GOLD) weekend.

Instead of burying and forgetting the gold that God has given us, our district believes it has a sacred duty to help develop those seeking ordination and to continue to equip our ordained leaders. Since ordination is such an important means of God’s grace for the church and minister, we want to resource those who take this holy journey of preparation in the best way we can.

The GOLD weekend allows candidates seeking ordination (from first district license, to renewal, to final year) to begin and continue their journey toward ordination with a clear roadmap and with friends to accompany them. Candidates will be both encouraged and better prepared for a lifetime of ministry. Candidates will be assigned to facilitators and introduced to clergy and leaders on our district. Candidates will have their souls fed through the Word and worship. Candidates will also be assessed with great encouragement from mentors and peers.

GOLD weekend will be the only annual meeting for our credentialing and studies process taking the place of multiple regional meetings with interviews. So, make plans now to attend.

The 2020 GOLD weekend is February 21-22, 2020 at Adrian Camp & Conference Center. It consists of breakout sessions, cohort discussion groups, worship opportunities, leadership development, assessment, and fellowship. Your district leadership has also decided to pick up the tab for this incredible weekend, so there is NO cost to you for this weekend (other than time and transportation). Rumor has it we may even have S’mores and a bonfire!

There will also be a time for feedback, where we hear what you have to say about this amazing weekend and if there are changes you would like to see in the future.

So, what do we need from you?

You need to register for this event (Remember this is mandatory for licensing) and make sure all your forms (All forms are available on the district webpage) are completed and sent to the district Secretary Rev. Tim Tharp

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Rev. Lonnie Grant. We look forward to seeing everyone at this amazing event!
In His Service,

Rev. Lonnie Grant Credentials Board Chairman