Licensing + Ordination

Annual Interviews For District Licensing


1. Must have held a Local License for at least ONE year

2. Must complete one-quarter (six classes) of a validated course of study for   ministers

3. Must have Passed Nazarene History & Polity Course

4. Recommendation To District Assembly (Form 813.2) From Local Church Board Or District Advisory Board

5. Signed Application For A Minister’s License

6. If There Is A Divorce, Barrier Has Been Removed

7. National (Not State) Background Check


Four Qualification Requirements For Ordination:

1. Completion Of Required Studies

2. Full Compliance With Annual Interview Process (details below)

3. Holding Of District License For A Minimum Three Consecutive Years

4. A Minimum of Three Consecutive Years Of Assigned Service In A Local Church, As Supported By Official Documentation From The District Office

Note:  Requirements 3 & 4 are NOT one & the same.  There must be full compliance on both issues separately.

:: ANNUAL INTERVIEWS FOR DISTRICT LICENSING :: (First-Time Applicants AND Current Ministers)

Both those desiring to obtain a first-time District License and current District Licensed Ministers (including those on track for ordination this year) are required to undergo an annual interview with the District Credentials & Studies Board. The candidate must attend one of four Credentials & Studies Board Meetings for this interview. (See EVENTS listings for dates and locations) While any of the four meetings may be attended, it is recommended that candidates attend the meeting nearest to them. It is the candidate’s responsibility to contact the convener of the meeting he/she attends to set up an appointment.

Note: All Hispanic candidates should attend one of the four Thursday meetings.  Haitian candidates should attend the designated Saturday meeting held at the District Office.

Note: Students attending a Nazarene College or University, NTS, NBC, etc., may have their annual interview conducted by an approved Religion Faculty Member.  For more information and approval, students must contact Rev. Lamar Brantley, Credentials Chairman.

Studies Board Information

We are so glad you are pursuing studies in preparation for licensing and ordination in the Church of the Nazarene.  To learn more about the educational foundations for ordained ministry please consult the Church of the Nazarene’s Manual (2017-2021). Access the Manual.

Please refer to the requirements necessary to come before both the Ministerial Board of Studies and Credentials. Read More

As a student you have many ways to complete the 26 courses required for ordination in the course of study.  Previous academic work through accredited schools can count towards these courses.  Read More about the Courses Required
Please send all previous academic work and completed course work to our board of studies secretary,
We encourage you to use one of our Nazarene institutions for higher education as your work could count towards a degree.  Most of these institutions offer both online and in-seat education.  The courses you need may be offered throughout the year at these institutions.
Only online programs are listed below, although most of these institutions offer in-seat education as well. Costs are also only for online programs and per credit hour as of 2018.
BA in Christian Ministry ($275), MA in Religion ($350)
AA in Ministry ($370), BA in Ministry ($370)
Certificate in Ministry (Ministerial Preparation Program) ($150)
Courses taken in the MPP can be converted to college credit afterwards.
AA in Christian Studies, BA in Christian Ministry (online)
MA in Pastoral Leadership (online)
MA or MDiv in Missional Leadership or Spiritual Formation (online)
Course of Study (COS) ($145)
Georgia District Course of Study
Certificate in Ministry ($150)
The course of study may be pursued in an in-seat setting locally through an approved instructor.  These courses are offered throughout the state in different formats at different times usually on an as needed basis.  You are encouraged to contact an instructor near you to learn more about what will be offered when and where.
Contact for list of approved instructors.
The International Board of Education (IBOE) serves the Church of the Nazarene system of higher education through 52 colleges, universities, and seminaries and is resolute in shaping Christlike disciples and servant-leaders for lifelong service and global impact.
Board of Studies Chairperson,
Dr. Hunter Dale Cummings
Application Requirements

In order for the committee to prepare for the meeting, the candidate should send a completed copy of the “Application For A Minister’s License” in advance, via email, to each of the following:

The Convener Of The Scheduled Meeting
(see EVENT information for your chosen date)

Rev. Janice Laster (District Secretary)

Rev. Tim Tharp (Credentials Board Secretary)

These files are available for individual download below.

The candidate should submit an email on their own, to Rev. Janice Laster.  The candidate must also bring completed, signed, and dated copies of the following forms with him/her to his/her scheduled meeting: Application For A Minister’s License 
Recommendation To The District Assembly (Form 813.2)

NOTE:  Signed, dated forms may also be physically mailed to the District Secretary:
Rev. Janice Laster
 757 Master Moore Rd.
 East Dublin, GA  31027










Credentials & Studies Board Meeting Dates


The workshop is part of the credentialing process and must be attended by those on track for ordination.

This weekend is uniquely designed to provide licensed ministers seeking ordination a deeper understanding of their calling. The goal of the workshop is to help candidates:

• Identify personal strengths and giftings
• Receive focused guidance and direction
• Develop deeper self-awareness
• Review the Nazarene ordination process
• Cultivate supportive relationships with district leaders

At the heart of the workshop are times of worship designed to draw parallels between great leaders in the Bible and today’s need for God-directed pastors.

Each attendee will receive a private consultation with a professional assessment specialist to help discover and understand their unique ministry profile. Additionally, seminars will be held during the Ministerial Candidate Workshop (MCW) with the goal of arming attendees with tools for and insights into ministry.

To find out more information and for registration please download a flyer here.

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